Casual Friday Business Train

In 2017 Begach Running Club will add open tarinings as added value for all participants in Business Run and CEO Dash. In 4 Fridays coming to the race you have the opportunity to train with professional coaches and prepare to excel at your 4km relay.

  • When: last 4 fridays before the race: 12 May, 19 May, 26 May and 2 June, start @ 8AM
  • Where: Borisova gradina, near the Elephant’s kids playground
  • Who’s invited: Participants in Business run and CEO Dash
  • Who’s leading: coaches Iliyan Petrov and Jivko Petrov from club Run and Gain


We will show you a 60 minute warm up routine of exercises and  the right techniques for performance to prepare your body for physical activity. Also, we will show you a variety of different track and jumping routines and there will be a special routine for a relaxation of the muscles before the actual loading of the body, and ways to improve your balance and self-control.

The morning workout will finish with some stretching exercises to use both before and after completion of your sport activities.


A set of running exercises will be shown and practised, listed below:

  • High Knees
  • Bottom Kicks
  • Straight leg bounds

Basic exercises and techniques for speed

  • Fartlek (the distance will depend where we train)

A set of jumping exercises will be shown and practised, listed below:

  • Frog jumps
  • Knee to Chest Jumps

Warm down for around 10 minutes.

  • Stretching session at the end of the program

Duration: 60 minutes

Iliyan Petrov

Founder and head coach at Run And Gain Sports Club.

Iliyan graduated from the NSA (National Sports Academy) with a coaching qualification. Over the past five years he has successfully applied his coaching experience in fitness, crossfit, functional and conditional training. From 2002 to 2015 Iliyan was part of the National Bulgarian Paralympic team in Athletics.

As a competitor he has a bronze medal at the World Athletics Championships for Juniors in 2008, fourth place in the European Championship in 2009 and 2013. He also has a bronze medal in the 100 and 200 meters sprint European Championship, and silver medal in the World Cup 2013. He was multiple state champion in the disciplines 100 meters smooth running, javelin, long jump and shot put.

In recent years he is leading group workouts combining crossfit and functional workout Cross FT (Cross-Functional Training) at Run And Gain Sports Club.

Живко Петков

Zhivko Petkov

Leading physical training of basketball and football clubs for teenagers.

Zhivko conducts specialized training in athletics, individual training of athletes with an emphasis on technique and developing physical skills needed for a particular sport.

He also has a bachelor degree as an athletic coach from the National Sports academy, and a masters degree in sports journalism.

Zhikov’s sports career is associated with a number of national, European and world titles, some of them are young European champion for cadets, bronze medalist at the World Championships for juniors, and 6-times champion of Bulgaria for men. He has over 100 medals in various national and international competitions. Now Zhivko is an active national player in athletics in the triple jump.

Nearly a year ago Zhivko joined us as part of the training staff at Run And Gain Sports Club, where he is leading functional group workouts.


Run And Gain Sports Club unites the knowledge and the efforts of qualified trainers and motivators in athletics and conditioning training. At the beginning of 2015 Run And Gain Sports Club began open group training in athletics and conditional training, that led to opening the first Run And Gain Sports Club hall in the center of Sofia during the summer of 2016.

In addition CrossFit and functional training is held in the gym and weekly training in Krav Maga, kick boxing, aikido, sports games and athletics for children.

Run and Gain sports club participates in various sports initiatives and events such as open training, bootcamp, Escape Your Limits and Xmas Challenge, which attracted dozens of athletes and fans of CrossFit and functional training.

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